The DNA of Internet Marketing

I’m starting a new blog category on Internet Marketing. While I’ve been involved in this field for many years, I’ve never stopped working at it long enough to quantify what is involved. In many cases my clients have been small business and charitable organisations on limited budgets. These small organizations all know that they need and online presence, and they come to me and ask for a website. But few understand what is involved, and fewer still have a clear idea of their own goals. Unless they’ve done a lot of research themselves, they don’t know how to even ask the right questions. Most of the time it is part of my job to tease out what they want and need, and what might give them a good return on their investment. My goal for this blog is to try to demystify and explain the intricacies of Internet Marketing in a way that anyone can understand.

The reason I’m calling this ‘The DNA of Internet Marketing’ is because there are many possibilities and many options to consider, whether starting a new website or deciding what to do to improve on what you have. Each organisation is unique, and for each, the choices they make or should make are different. In a way, it’s like DNA. There are many strands, many options available, each strand interacts with the others to create an online presence that ‘lives’, and that returns value for your investment of both time and money.

The goal of Internet Marketing is, or should be, conversions. By conversion, I mean getting the visitor to do something. It could be that all that is required from your online presence is awareness. In todays world, no matter what your business, the vast majority of people who interact with you will check you out on the Internet. At minimum, people will expect to find a brand site or brochure site. If they find your site, you ‘exist’. If they don’t, they will be unlikely to do business with you, and usually move on and find someone else offering the same service.

Beyond basic brand awareness, there are many other aspects to Internet Marketing. In coming posts, I will enumerate and elaborate on these.