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Keeping websites secure has become far more difficult in the last 12-24 months. Its no longer a question of preventing your web site from being attacked or hacked, but of how you are able to respond when it is.
It used to be that patching Joomla and WordPress sites was pretty good insurance against attacks, but experience shows  this no longer is adequate to protect your sites. The nature and variety of attacks requires more in terms of security. To protect your site, your visitors and your reputation, you need the best protection.

You can think of it as something like the anti-virus and firewall on your own computer. If you don’t keep those up to date, your computer will get infected. With websites, it can be even more devastating. Your website can infect your visitors, steal personal information, or send spam. Your site could be defaced, or completely wiped out. Any of these can ruin your reputation with your visitors, customers or constituents.
At Deep Blue we have decided to withdraw our old patching service and offer a new website security package. This is being offered in partnership with Sucuri, the world leaders in Web Site Security for website owners.
Here is what it does:

  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring to watch for intrusions of any type. You will be alerted if anything unusual happens to your web site
  • Firewall to block most types of threats and attacks before they ever reach the web server.
  • Prevent Malware Distribution
  • Monitor blacklisting incidents
  • Block phishing lure pages
  • Identify SEO spam
  • Automated patching as soon as any patch is available
  • Prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attacks (bombing the site with so much traffic that it stops working)
  • Prevent Brute Force attacks (attempts to crack passwords).
  • SSL certificate and encryption for your web site and/or your website admin area.
  • Improved website performance

This level of protection will prevent pretty much all external threats.

However no protection can guarantee 100% effectiveness. It is still possible that an admin user with an infected pc, bad password, or other internal threat could damage your site. In that event, the intrusion system would still detect it, alert you and us, and we would be able to rectify the problem quickly.

It will cost more than the patching service we previously offered. Currently we estimate that it will cost €XX0 per year per domain, plus a setup fee. We highly recommend that you consider this new service. If keeping your web site(s) up and running and maintaining a good reputation with your visitors and customers is important to you, this is worth it.


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