I don’t think this US election will end well…

no matter who wins.

I am a US citizen, and most of the time over the past decades, I’ve at least made the effort to vote. This is despite that fact that I haven’t actually lived in the US since sometime in 1984. But most of the time, I’ve made the effort and managed to get my absentee ballot in. And this time around is no different in that respect. I’ve sent off my postal ballot. Of course once it is handed over to the postal service, I have no idea if it actually makes it to it’s destination, and once there and opened, whether it gets verified and counted or goes in a bin with dissallowed ballots. But the effort has been made.

This US presidential election, though, is different from any other I’ve ever observed. For the first time ever, I am afraid of the outcome, no matter who wins. Most of the major polls are all saying that Hillary has got it, but more email trouble and a late surge from the Trump side have heading towards evens with only a few days to go. This scenario, I think, greatly increases the chance for election day and post election day chaos. If Trump loses, especially if only be a small margin, he and his supporters are likely to cause a whole lot of trouble. Trump may even encourage violence, with his rhetoric about election fraud. If Trump wins, even more chaos will ensue. He’ll not only start working on getting rid of Mexican and Muslims, but I think a lot of the more liberal left will be thinking twice about staying in the US.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see thousands try find ways to enter Europe and obtain European passports. One country, Ireland, has already run out of citizenship applications due to the Brexit vote. They had better brace themselves for an influx of Irish americans. Most other European countries, and possibly some other countries, say in Central America for example, may find themselves inundated wtih ‘Trumpugees’.



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